How to Choose an Angle Head for My CNC Machining Center?

7. März 2021

Drilling, tapping, milling, grooving, slotting operations at an angle on machining centers without the necessary axis built in might end up being costly. Despite costly solutions such as a new CNC machine tool investment or a rotary table investment, the angle heads offer solutions that will allow such operations to be performed more economically on the same machine tool. 

Angle heads are compatible with all kinds of vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers in accordance with various spindle types such as MAS 403 BT, BBT, DIN69871 SK, DIN 69893 HSK and CAT. 

Fixed Angle Head Types

  • 90º Fixed Angle heads 
  • Extended angle heads 
  • Double outlet fixed angle heads 
  • Slim fixed angle heads 
  • Fixed angle heads for heavy operations 
  • Flange mount angle heads 

Tilting Angle Head Types

  • Adjustable angle heads (with collet chuck output) 
  • Adjustable angle heads for heavy operations (ISO40 holder outlet, flange mounted) 

90º Fixed Angle Heads

It is the most widely used angle head type. It brings the ability to perform operations such as drilling, tapping, milling, grooving to 3-axis vertical machining centers laterally. ATC (automatic holder changer) carrying capacity of 40 conical CNC machines is generally around 8 kg. Angular heads with smaller outlets such as ER11, ER16, ER25 can be sent to a magazine as they are mostly under this weight. 

Adjustable Angle Heads

The adjustable angle head can be fixed to any angle between +/- 90 ° (GT Series). Thus, you will have maximum flexibility in your operations. It is not recommended for heavy operations as it has a movable body. In this case, a fixed-angle head with higher torque should be preferred. 

All Gisstec Motion Line angled head types have the feature of 360 ° indexing around the conical axis. Thus, the body can be rotated 360 ° around the spindle axis and fixed at the desired angle. In addition, since most of the angled heads can be sent to the magazine, it offers a fast and practical solution for mass production. The angled heads specially produced for the job are ideal for mass production. 

Special heads produced according to the technical drawing of the workpiece pay for themselves in a short time by folding the number of production per unit time. Workpieces usually involve operations of various diameters and depths. The first thing that every producer thinks about is to produce the work piece he processes in the fastest and most economical way. These factors gain more importance in today's world where competition is increasing and globalizing day by day. 

Can I use my Angle Head with the ATC? 

While sending the angled heads to the magazine, it should be checked whether there is any collision while the ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) arm carries the magazine from the spindle and the head rotates in the magazine. Unlike normal holders, the torque arm and extending outlets and cutting tools extend the theoretical diameter of the angled heads. In some magazines with a narrow design, there may be a risk of collision, especially in corner turns or the transition area of ​​the ATC arm between the spindle and the magazine.